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Quick Wins: 6 Easy SEO Improvements You Can Make Today

Quick Wins: 6 Easy SEO Improvements You Can Make Today

The phrase “search engine optimisation” is frequently used in marketing meetings. It’s a long-term plan that often takes a lot of effort.  When done correctly, search engine optimisation may be very labour-intensive. It explains why so many people are willing to take shortcuts. Specific tasks, such as link building, provide notable results even with less effort than others.

Here are six things you can change immediately to improve your website for both Google and your visitors. Let’s get started.

1.   Have A Mobile-Friendly Website

Making your website mobile-friendly is one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO because Google now rewards mobile-optimized websites for improved user experiences. Many companies have been building mobile-friendly pages as part of their SEO strategy since Google released two modifications to its mobile-friendly algorithm in 2016. Additionally, you can verify whether your website passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. It’s time to update your website and acquire a responsive design if you don’t pass the test.

2.   Rectify Your 404 Errors

The HTTP status code 404 indicates that the page or resource you are attempting to access on a website is not on the server, referred to as a broken link.

Four hundred four error pages are annoying and can increase your website’s bounce rate, regardless of their peculiarities. Because it provides a poor user experience, fix it immediately. Use internet resources like Screaming Frog to periodically scan your website for 404 errors to prevent this issue. These technologies accurately reroute the mistake pages to the relevant pages for a rapid victory.

3.   Adjust Existing Keywords

It can take a while to rank for a new keyword. You can concentrate on optimising the keywords you already rank for to get SEO traction quickly. You can get these keywords in the Search Console’s Search Traffic Search Analytics area, which offers comprehensive data on clicks, impressions, click-through rate, average ranking position for each keyword, and other metrics. According to research, 50 per cent of searches are four words or longer.

Determine how you can make searches better based on the information provided above. One example of a keyword that highlights the necessity for title and meta description optimisation has a high impression count but a low click-through rate.

4.   Boost The Calibre Of Your Content

Make consistent quality improvements to your material according to the needs of your visitors. Link building and high-quality content were the primary elements contributing to higher Google rankings in 2016, according to a Google Search Quality Senior Strategist. Thus, your first goal should be to improve the content quality to see immediate SEO results. Refreshing outdated content, enhancing readability, raising engagement, and adding new content are a few methods to achieve it. You can include more pictures, videos, and PDFs to improve the text’s readability.

Prioritise URLs in the Google Search Console, export data results between five and thirty first, and then arrange them according to possible search volume and relevancy.

5.   Enhance Content

As an extension of the preceding tip, regularly remove out-of-date content for rapid gains in search engine optimisation. Low-quality material on web pages can harm traffic and ranking, even if it may be challenging to say goodbye to abundant content. Examine this list by assessing the pages with careless traffic to determine which content should not withstand the executioner’s blade. Remember to remove duplicate material while you’re at it because Google will have to select the page it believes is the most relevant to rank.

To improve SEO, eliminate duplication using SEMrush’s Site Audit Tool. Additionally, if you create a URL for new content, include a 301 redirect or canonical tag.

6.   Make Pages More Effective

Even if content is one of the key SEO pillars, your current pages might still drive a lot of traffic. It’s also a good idea to optimise existing pages for some fast SEO victories rather than creating brand-new content from scratch. Check your headers, internal anchor text, Alt tags, title tags, Meta descriptions, and body content for on-page optimisation. Use Webmaster Tools and an SEO plugin to provide recommendations and ensure you’ve covered the essentials to make your task easier.  Include pertinent internal anchor text to make the page’s content more understandable to Google crawlers.

The use of the anchor text is not limited to internal linking. It must be relevant to the page’s content and simplify the crawlers’ jobs.

Final verdict

In today’s digital environment, attaining effective SEO shouldn’t be a long race. These quick wins will Ensure your website is responsive to mobile devices; both Google and your users will find it appealing. Screaming Frog and other similar apps can help prevent annoying 404 errors. Optimise existing keywords to gain quick SEO momentum; use the Search Console to identify and focus on hidden treasures. Improve the quality of your article by adding images to make it easier to read. Join up with The Crazy Socials, the experts in internet presence, for an additional advantage. Are you prepared to increase your online presence? Give The Crazy Socials a quick call to help you succeed with SEO!